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Automotive Test Rig System with Horner Automation

One common situation from customers new to Horner Automation is that they are using multiple different devices and systems to accomplish one common goal. Each system provides a unique element, but no one system properly integrates them all into one solution. That’s where we come in.

Challenges Read more below about how we were able to implement one comprehensive solution for an automotive testing rig system. The customer was faced with many issues from an older system which did not allow for:

  1. Customizable features or programming

  2. Integrated data logger with their test systems

  3. Simple, easy-to-use interface and setup

Opportunity Seeing that the customer was using cumbersome, isolated devices to manage each unique aspect of their testing systems, our team at Horner knew there was a way to use an all-in-one Horner OCS to streamline and update their organization with features such as:

  1. Easy-to-use programming

  2. Improved run times on existing processes

  3. Efficient price point compared to market competitors

Solution With the Horner XL7 OCS Controller and SmartBlock Expanded & Remote I/O, our customer was able to bring their test rig automation from a Model T, to an IndyCar. We empowered them to experience functionalities like:

  1. Quick programming updates

  2. Automate test run types through recipes

  3. LAN network support

  4. Simple user interface creation by their internal team


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